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The Amish Furniture Making Tradition

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The Amish Tradition of Handcrafted Furniture

Author: Sarika Kabra

There is a reason why Amish made furniture is so highly prized and valued by people; especially people with an eye for quality craftsmanship. That reason is the traditional method utilized to make Amish handcrafted furniture. The Amish people are some of very few communities that still adhere to an old fashioned way of life, choosing to eschew modern comforts and conveniences and preferring instead to do things the old fashioned way, the way that makes Amish furniture life literally for generations.

Amish furniture is to modern furniture what gourmet cooking is to frozen TV dinners! While the latter will do the job, it imparts no pleasure and aesthetic satisfaction to the senses, nor the conviction that this is the best you can get!

And indeed Amish handcrafted furniture is among the best quality furniture that is made today. It is made in a way very distinct from the soulless, mass produced furniture that we see so much of, which is wholly lacking in character. The material used to make Amish furniture is also very different from other modern furniture; the Amish craftsmen use only genuine hard wood which grows slowly and is consequently extremely durable and long lasting.

They make no use of particle board, or ply or other artificially prepared raw materials for their furniture. This is the reason that Amish furniture made today gives the appearance of furniture that may have been made a hundred years ago. Also since these styles of furniture never go out of style, they become family heirlooms to be passed on from generation to generation.

Amish furniture is made while paying a lot of attention to each individual item of furniture and it is also this largely non-automated procedure used to make this furniture that makes it so durable and beautiful. Traditionally the Amish minimize use of electrical appliances and so the tools that they use to make the furniture are also usually not mechanized; rather they are hydraulic or pneumatic. Plus there is a lot of attention paid to individual details of each item of furniture and the finishing and polishing of each item is always done painstakingly by hand.

Amish made furniture is not just about items of furniture around the house. The Amish are also skilled in crafting home accessories, lawn and garden ornaments, gazebos, play houses, outdoor furniture and even wooden toys! Imagine beautiful, traditional toys handcrafted for a child; such as farm toys, trains and planes, puzzles and games, dollhouse furniture and more! A far cry from generic cheap plastic toys that flood the market today! These are the kinds of toys that a child would treasure for their very uniqueness.

Also imagine if you will, some unusual even whimsical touches to your home and garden: fruit baskets, chopping boards, wooden chests, wall décor, hooks and hangers, pretty much anything, or perhaps a beautiful, customized gazebo for your garden or lawn furniture like gliders, rockers, chairs, swings, tables and footstools, bridges and arbors that could grace the most elegant garden.

Amish furniture prove the old adage, A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever!

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A dining room table comes in a lot of varieties. There are pedestal tables and trestle tables amongst others. Choose the right one according to your room and preferences.

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Our Generous
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