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Wood Kitchen Tables - A Handmade Amish Specialty

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Wood Kitchen Tables - A Handmade Amish Specialty

Author: Jesse Akre

Wood kitchen tables are popular because they're sturdy and will put up with a lot of use and abuse. But have you ever considered where wood kitchen tables come from? Not really? Well, here's the short version of the answer. Some are pressed out in a factory, others are hand made, but still go through an assembly line manufacturing process. If you want a table that really has character and personality there are also completely handmade tables.

Those who really know handmade wood kitchen tables are the Amish. You see, the Amish people still live their daily lives as they would have many generations ago. Many Amish communities still do not use electricity, or other modern day conveniences, but prefer to live in a rural setting where they still live off the land and make things as they did in generations and centuries past. The community is also like one large family, so when it comes to making things to be used by the 'family' you would not want to make something that is less then your best. That same holds true with Amish furniture.

When you see Amish furniture you are never going to think modern, stylish or any of those words. As a matter of fact, the designs and styles of Amish wood kitchen tables are likely going to be the same ones that were being made 20 years ago, 50 years ago, or even more. But, you will be impressed at the craftsmanship. They are furniture pieces that will, and have, withstood the test of time. Some of the pieces that were made 20, 50, or 100 years ago are still doing their jobs today and aside from a few scuffs and scratches do not look any the worse for wear.

One of the things about Amish furniture making is that it is not based on the speed of putting out pieces of furniture, but the workmanship and pride that goes into the pieces. They are made right, no matter how long it takes to complete one piece. If you ever are able to look closely at a piece of Amish furniture, you will see this pride in every cut of the wood, perfect hand-sanding to make all portions of the piece even, and every detail attended to in the finish.

For some time Amish wood kitchen tables were only going to be found in Amish homes, until a few people from the outside bought them and realized what amazing pieces of furniture they really were. As word got out about the quality of good Amish furniture, it became more and more popular, with everyone wanting the sturdy pieces.

The desire for Amish furniture was only more increased by the return of rustic and country décor in homes. As the use of country home wood furniture items and hand knitted lace came back around as the motif to have, suddenly those Amish pieces that were elegant in their simplicity were also the new pinnacle of home décor fashion.

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About the Author:
Jesse Akre, author and owner of home sites offers his insight on buying classic kitchen tables, handmade wood kitchen table and classic kitchen table and chair sets.
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