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How Do I Paint My Galvanized Metal Barn Stars

How Do I Paint My Galvanized Metal Barn Stars?

Proper surface preparation, plus the right choice of primer and paint, is key to a long-lasting barn star paint project.

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Painting On Galvanized Metal Is Not The Same As Regular Metal

Galvanized metal is iron or steel that has a thin coating of zinc on it to prevent rusting. If the galvanized surface is new or unweathered, wash and thoroughly rinse it before painting. This step is necessary to clean off any zinc chromate or residual oil left from the galvanizing process, which otherwise can interfere with adhesion of the paint.

When purchasing your unfinished galvanized barn star from J'Ollie Primitives this step has already been completed for you.

Apply a quality exterior acrylic latex corrosion-inhibitive primer for best performance. However, if your barn star is new or unweathered, a top quality exterior 100% acrylic latex paint can be applied to your new unfinished galvanized barn star without a primer.

Oil, alkyd and vinyl latex paints, however, should never be applied directly to bare galvanized metal without first applying a corrosion-inhibitive primer. Without an appropriate primer, these coatings can lose their adhesion to this substrate, sometimes in less than a year.

If the galvanized surface is weathered and unpainted, clean and rinse off any dirt and remove any corrosion with a nonmetallic scouring pad. Then apply a corrosion-inhibitive metal primer and top quality exterior 100% acrylic latex paint. For barn stars already properly primed ready for you to paint visit our "Primed Barn Star" page.

If it is previously painted, carefully remove any all loose and peeling paint with a wire brush. Avoid cutting through the layer of zinc galvanizing. Then wash the surface with a detergent-and-water solution, rinse it thoroughly, and apply a corrosion-inhibitive metal primer followed by a 100% exterior acrylic latex paint.

How Many Coats?

When it comes to the number of coats of primer and paint to apply to metal, the cardinal rule is to follow the recommendations of the coating manufacturer. In general, however, one coat of primer is normally sufficient, although application of a second coat insures complete coverage and maximum protection in demanding situations.

Two coats of a topcoat are generally recommended rather than a single coat for two reasons: increased overall thickness of the coating for better durability, and elimination of the possibility of any pinholes extending through the coating.

In addition, always apply primer and paint to metal in thick coats for optimum durability and resistance. That’s because the thicker the coat, the less chance of moisture penetrating the paint and reaching the substrate. Brushing is fine for small applications, while rolling and airless spraying are better for covering large areas.


Direct-To-Metal Coatings:

Another option when painting your galvanized metal barn star is Direct-To-Metal (DTM) coatings. These coatings are designed for direct application to metals without the use of a primer. They function as both primer and topcoat in one product.

DTM coatings can be used for a variety of applications, are available in semi gloss or gloss formulations, and are now offered in high performance latex products. To ensure proper protection of the metal, two thick coats are usually recommended.

Regardless of whether you use a DTM coating or a primer-topcoat system, it is not difficult to get years of reliable service from your galvanized metal barn star paint job. The keys are taking the time to properly prepare the surface, promptly priming the surface, and applying thick coats of the right type of coating.

More Help Available:

If you need more help with the preparation and painting of your unfinished barn star purchased from J'Ollie Primitives please don't hesitate to contact us at or 1-419-610-6163.

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Our Generous 30 Day Guarantee!
Our Generous
30 Day Guarantee!

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